Is this the beginning of the end?


Right now, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments from this administration as to why a Christian business should be forced to pay for birth control coverage for its employees. In addition to stealing personal liberties from you, Obamacare also wants to strip your religious protections as well.

Meanwhile, the administration has issued the 532nd delay or change to Obamacare. Apparently the already extended March 31st deadline wasn’t long enough to cook the books so… we will extend the deadline if you tell us you tried to get covered but had challenges. No proof necessary, our incompetence is well documented.

So, the business mandates and individual mandates can be waived at will. Deadlines can be moved past the next election cycle. Documenting program results or patient eligibility are not required. BUT, recognizing religious rights is an affront to the ‘settled law’.

This is where my head explodes.

I get the Democratic narrative here. All the changes to Obamacare via FIAT are for political reasons. They are grossly unconstitutional and threaten our Republic. Yet I understand Obama doesn’t care, is acting in his self-interest and the GOP are too cowardly to challenge him. I also understand the real reason the contraception mandate is important has nothing to do with the viability of the law. It is simply an extension of war on religion being waged by the left and necessary to continue the War on Women narrative. Despicable, but right in line with Radical Progressive strategies.  I expect such behavior.

That said, I am at a loss when I review the actions of the Supreme Court. I know I shouldn’t be anymore but somehow I am.  9 people charged with upholding the Constitution. Only 3 understand this. 2 refer to the document part of the time. 4 are actively trying to rewrite the Constitution from the bench. We already have lost a massive portion of our personal liberties due to Obamacare. Must we lose religious freedom as well. This country was founded by people seeking freedom from religious persecution.  Right now, our government is telling Marines to take bible passages off their walls and arguing against religious freedom.  Start pusing back before it is too late.


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