Normally I am a HUGE Thomas Sewell fan.  He is brilliant.  On this case I disagree.  The attached link is to an article where he argues two fallacies.  First, is that the GOP will lose the Senate if the Tea Party, or as he calls them “true conservatives” keep attacking the GOP and second, that Mitch McConnell is a conservative.   The second first, I don’t’ care what his voting score is, the Minority leader has been an abomination in the Senate these past few years.  Reid has turned the body into a dictatorship under his watch.  Only the House leadership is worse.   #EpicFail.

As for true conservatives attacking Reid and risking control of the Senate.  False.  The reverse is true.  It is the establishment attacking the base that is putting the Senate at risk.  It is Karl Rove and old Mitchy that have openly attacked the conservative base of the party.


“I think we are going to crush them everywhere,” McConnell said. “I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”

He is talking about the Tea Party here.  Not Democrats.  Not Radical Progressives.  Nope.  The Tea Party.  The group that delivered a House majority in 2010.  They have gone out of their way to pick this fight.  Dole, McCain, Romney – did not excite the base.  We lost 2012 because 3M conservatives stayed home or voted for a 3rd party.  It’s time for this party to find its base again.  I will no longer hold my nose and vote for a lousy candidate just because they are from the GOP.  That only rewards this type of behavior.

Obama has illegally suspended more of Obamacare than Cruz filibustered to legally change.  McConnell vilified him for that.  The left has gone hard left and our response has wrongly been to move left with them.  Enough.  And if the party establishment wants the conservative base to stop fighting and stop supporting them – they need to do the same.  They have taken our vote for granted for years.  We are angry for a reason.



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