You will be made to care… more intolerance from those professing tolerance.!

No where did it say “No LGBT Allowed” – They only said, this isn’t a gay pride march. Guess what? They flipped out. 

Repeat – NO ONE WAS EXCLUDED. The Parade organizers simply said this event (you know, the one celebrating a Catholic Saint) is not a platform for other issues. Please, particiapte, but don’t make this about you.

Not good enough. Inclusion isn’t enough. Acceptance isn’t a sign of acceptance. Nope. Me using your event to showcase my issues – that’s true tolerance.


Pretty disappointed in some of my favorite beer makers for caving to the PC police.  This isn’t even PC for goodness sake.  The parade was doing nothing to protest them.  It simply didn’t want to draw attention  to and put their issue center.  Shock.  A private organization wants to set its own agenda.  Celebrate their issue and not yours. THE NERVE.  The St Patrick’s Day Parade is about celebrating Irish heritage.  Why does everything need to become a platform for intolerance.  Oh, and it’s those seeking acceptance that are the intolerant ones.    

Dear Radical Liberals, you have the same rights as everyone else.  You don’t get extra ones.  Happy St Patrick’s Day


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