Least productive congress ever… or….Conservatives are winning

Every time I’m convinced of the speedy death spiral into leftists oblivion for the USA something comes along to give me a sliver of hope.  We don’t need more bills.  We should have a congress that is removing laws not adding more.  Every law that’s added reduces personal freedoms.  Truly great news that the congress has slowed to a crawl.  This is exactly what the Framers wanted.
Everyone thought it was true, and now there is official confirmation: The 112th Congress, which came to a close last week, was the least productive on record.
Together, the House and Senate enacted the fewest laws, considered the fewest bills and held the lowest number of formal negotiations between them — all measures that helped Congress to a historic low in The Washington Times’ Legislative Futility Index, which tracks floor activity in both chambers.
Congress notched a Futility Index of 330 — making it nearly 10 percent worse than the previous low, set by the 107th Congress in 2001 and 2002. That also happened to be the last time Democrats held the Senate and Republicans controlled the House, which was the same division of power in the 112th Congress.


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