Constitutional Crisis

Yesterday, the President of the United States addressed the nation and said he would use “enforcement discretion” on a major piece of legislation.


He has done this in the past with ILLEGAL immigration, the employer mandate, even how he elected to enforce the closing of national parks during the shutdown.

He has no legal authority to do that.  Right now the President is acting outside of the law.  Intentions of actions are inconsequential here.  The abuse of power this represents if frightening.

All he said yesterday was he would ignore the law for a year.  You’re screwed in 12 months when he enforces both the individual and employer mandates.  Worse, he has established precedent that he can grant favor and punish you whenever he elects – to hell with the other two branches of government.

Today, he grants you a reprieve. What if tomorrow Caesar does not? What if the thumb turns down tomorrow and you have sat idly by why the rule of law designed to protect you was dismantled.

It never ceases to amaze me how willing liberals are to turn over control of their life to a charismatic tyrant.  History is filled with such examples… Ask those people how it worked out for them.



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