Parasitocracy…. is Democrat’s Utopia

As good as it can be explained.  Completely true and unassailable.  I’ve just cut a few thoughts from the article… but it’s just a fantastic read.

Tyranny, being as endemic to the human condition as other similar privations of the human good such as ignorance, vice, or sickness, is as old as mankind.  What may be new, however, is the uniquely intractable form of tyranny that is currently metastasizing throughout the world, namely the rule of an authoritarian plurality of societal parasites.  Our next thousand years of darkness, if such be our fate, will begin under the governance of a “parasitocracy.”

I am not speaking of mere parasitism, the weakness of individual men who demand or cajole sustenance from others while contributing nothing in return.  Rather, I am speaking of a systematic elevation of parasitism to the status of a ruling philosophy.

[B]No, a social parasite is not, strictly speaking, a “loafer” or a “charity case.”  Loafing is a man’s free choice; charity is yours.  A parasite, on the other hand, is a person who demands — and what is more, who believes — that others must provide for him what he cannot provide, or chooses not to provide, for himself. [/B]
This more precise definition is no mere academic exercise.  It reveals the subtleties of parasitism that have allowed it to evolve into the parasitocracy that has devoured most of the developed world.  For it is now clear that being unproductive, though often true of parasites, is not their essence.  What is essential is the parasite’s presumption that the productivity of others — their toil, time, and achievement — ought to be at his or her disposal. [/B]

To anticipate slightly, we might contrast the traditional tyrant with the parasitocrat by observing that the former declares to his subjects, in effect, “You built that, and now I’m taking it,” while the latter says, literally, “You didn’t build that.”

So the modern parasite engenders a mass political movement for parasitism, citing the newly created material abundance around him as evidence of injustice (unfairness).  And just as the traditional, “private” parasite requires a rationalization for his behavior, consisting of excuses for his inactivity and sophistries to support his claim on the efforts of others, so the new, mass-movement parasite — modern liberty’s enhancement of the “drones” Socrates says hold sway in a democracy — requires a rationalization to support parasitism on a mass scale.  That is, he requires a system.

Now we have reached the penultimate stage of the process, history’s proverbial fork in the road, where modern man must choose his fate, whether the tentative beginnings of a recovery or the “dust to dust” moment from which a renewal of rational order would occur only after many generations of degradation and hardship.  The parasitocracy is unquestionably dominant.  The question is whether the host’s vital organs are yet in a condition from which a recovery of health — preceded by an inevitable period of violent purgation — remains possible.


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