TeaParty vs the Establishment

I am usually a big fan of Thomas Sowell but I respectfully disagree with him this time.  The Tea Party has been the backbone of the GOP for the past 5 years.  The Tea Party is the reason the GOP controls the House.  The Tea Party is the reason we have any fiscal constraint on this President.  The Tea Party is all that stands between the Progressive Left and their Socialist Agenda to Fundamentally Transform the United States.

There is a fundamental reason we are at a crossroads with the GOP establishment – The GOP establishment has brought us here.  We tried to work within the system for 5 years.  Once the primaries were over, we got behind and supported every RINO running for office.  What did we get for our troubles?  Bad, Worse and UGLY.  Bad – the RINO won and immediately began to embrace big Government and restricted liberties. Unwilling or unable to fight.  Worse – 2 terms of Barack Obama.

Ugly – We have spent as much time fighting the GOP as we have the Democrats.  We have continued to support the GOP on the ticket, while the Establishment has either abandoned or actively worked against Tea Party candidates.  They then use these defeats as ‘justification’ their cause is just.

Remember these headlines?

  • From 2012: Romney Loses; Conservatives Weigh Limiting Clout of GOP Establishment
  • From 2008: McCain Loses: Conservatives Call for GOP Reform
  • From 2004: Bush Narrowly Beats Kerry; Conservatives Call for Rove Resignation
  • From 2000: Bush wins by Supreme Court vote: Conservatives Call for End of “Compassionate Conservatism”
  • From 1996: Dole Loses: Conservatives Demand End to Moderate Nominees
  • From 1992: Bush Loses to Clinton: Conservatives Weigh Restrictions on GOP Establishment

If you don’t recall these headlines, no, your memory isn’t failing. They were never written. And if you saw these headlines yesterday your eyes weren’t failing you either. They were written:

  • From the New York Times: GOP Weighs Limiting Clout of Right Wing
  • From the Washington Post: Close Result in Va. Governor’s Race Hardens GOP Divisions
  • From Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal: Lessons for 2014 From a Virginia Defeat


We have the RNC taking political advice from Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the NY Times.  I am sure they all have our best interests at heart.  Don’t they get it? Obama hates the Tea Party because he sees them as a threat to his Radical agenda.  The left embraces Romney, McCain and Christie because it knows they can be easily beaten in national elections.

So, the Tea Party tactics are borne out of necessity.  Apparently, this is the only way to get the attention of the establishment.  It is the only way to shame them into doing their jobs and to hold them accountable (I am talking to you John Open the Border now that I am re-elected McCain) for their campaign promises.

It’s football season so let’s use a football analogy.  The GOP has been defending the red zone for the last 5 years.  We haven’t had starting field position outside our 20 yard line.  We have barely gotten the ball across mid-field and had to settle for field goals while the opposition puts up big points.  Why?  Because we are letting the Radical Left set the agenda.  Gay Marriage, gun control, immigration reform, LGBT workplace protection, Sandra Flukes reproductive system, a totally manufactured and false war on women…

The Establishment response to each of these issues is to try and out Democrat the Democrats.  Appeasement.  It’s insane.  We have 50M Americans on food stamps.  We have 90M Americans out of the workforce.  We have $16T of debt.  We have 2% GDP growth.  We have 50% of the NATION on some form or welfare.  We have the personal healthcare market being destroyed before our eyes and SOMEHOW, we are making it a national priority to give cross dressers the right to work in a daycare.

Watch Sarah Palin’s interview with Matt Lauer from yesterday.  She refuses to respond to the Left’s false narrative.  Matt would ask a leading question and she would redirect it off his liberal agenda to the real issue at hand.  It was brilliant.

And instead of working with the Tea Party to build a coalition and change the national dialogue, we have the GOP establishment actively working to destroy the Tea Party.  Wow, we finally found ONE group Mitch McConnell and John Cry Me a River Boehner are willing to fight.  Unfortunately, it’s the group they need most at the moment.

So, we are at a crossroads because this is where the GOP has brought us.  We are exactly where they want us to be.  The next move is theirs.  You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.  What’s it going to be GOP?



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