The real extremists, the real readicals are Democrats

I’ve been saying this.  This article says it better…

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“We’ve been very, very lucky for the last sixty years that the most  benevolent power the world has ever seen, the strongest military power the world  has ever seen, it’s America that’s been leading the world, not Russia, China or  Nazi Germany or someone like that.”

Loudon noted the irony of President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies  calling the tea party “extremists” and “terrorists.”

The tea party, he said, is the “most patriotic, gentlemanly, fair-minded,  generous, peaceful people — the exact opposite of terrorists. Yet, you have  people in your Congress, mostly in the Democratic Party, who are allied to  supporters of North Korea and Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and Communist  China.”

With these attacks, Loudon said, the Democrats are merely “disguising their  own anti-American activism.”…Certain member of Congress “couldn’t pass a basic security clearance to clean  a toilet in any military base, and neither could your president, by the way,” he  said.

“You’ve been infiltrated, and the infiltrators want to deflect attention off  what they’re doing by basically demonizing the most patriotic, inoffensive  people in this country, the tea party and their sympathizers,” he explained. “It’s Orwellian — truth is lies and lies are truth.”…

But, “if America fails, and America is in danger of failure — that is a harsh  reality — if America fails, the West goes down,” he said. “Russia, China, Iran,  Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the crazed Islamic allies will carve  up this planet amongst themselves. And, if you think the Dark Ages were a tough  time, I think it’s going to be pretty bleak for a very long time.”

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