I told you so…


Obamacare is collapsing in on itself. The second the shutdown ends Obama will push for immigration reform. Right after that, he will issue a one year delay in the individual mandate. He won’t have a choice. And it will be illegal because he will simply elect to NOT ENFORCE THE LAW OF THE LAND which is ironic and infuriating beyond words. He could do it legally, but that would give the Tea Party a win and that just can’t be allowed.

The math is simply on this one. He needs healthy people on the exchange to subsidize the unhealthy. If it is out of balance, rates go up and this gets worse.  If no one is on it, rates go up for nothing.  No one is on it right now. Further, he can’t tax someone for something they were unable to access. Well, he could but even he isn’t that stupid. Can you imagine the outrage when the “Shared Responsibility Payments” hit tax returns this year – and enrollment is at fractions of projections?  My guess is had the launch gone perfectly this would be a done deal. But because it is such a disaster and there is sticker shock, he will have no choice but to ILLEGALLY delay everything for a year to get the Democrats through the mid-terms.  Oh, he will have Occupy for America try and sign up as many people as possible, but in the end he is going to be forced to delay the individual mandate.


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