Deal Reaction – Updated

UPDATE – It appears the “Debt Ceiling Waiver” may only apply to the Feb 7th vote and not susequent votes…hot air says it is only feb 7th…redstate not so sure

So, I am trying to figure out how this would have been worse.  For 3 weeks the only noticeable impact of the Government shutdown was the intentional pain Obama inflicted via our National Parks and reduced rush hour traffic in and around DC.  Really, no impact as the furloughed employees were told in advance they would get paid.  It was a non event.  What we did get to see was a petty, vindictive President in action.  We also saw a grass-roots movement draw attention to a critical issue for the nation.  The Tea Party got the dialogue off of immigration reform, gay marriage and gun control and forced an adult conversation about Obamacare and the Budget.  Sadly, our leaders are not adults.

The President insisted he wouldn’t negotiate.  Laughably the GOP never even put this to the test.  The establishment GOP immediately attacked the Tea Party.  That should tell you all you need to know about the establishment GOP.  They are more interested in their jobs than anything else.  So the President and Harry Reid did what any person would do – they got out of the way.  In the process, the final deal ended up being a grab bag of goodies ON TOP of setting a higher debt ceiling and passing a bloated continuing resolution.  The GOP is claiming some wins in the negotiation.  LIke Obama will really, and he means it this time, enforce the income verification provisions of Obamacare.  Right.  Sure he will.  He already ignored that provision once and he wrote the damn thing.  He also agreed to talk, maybe, sometime in the future about tax and entitlement reform.  I wonder if Harry and Barry were even able to keep a straight face while the conceded that point.

It would have been better to pass a no strings attached CR and Debt increase than that deal – and that isn’t even the worse part but I will get to that in a moment.  All negotiating leverage was lost when the Senate Establishment turned its back on the House and the Tea Party.  Once that happened the deal was done.  The Tea Party kept trying to force the establishment back into a coalition while the establishment demonized the Tea Party while they made concession after concession to Obama.  That was the real and only negotiation going on.  In the end, the establishment stopped negotiating with the Tea Party and turned to Barry and Harry instead.  Barry must have enjoyed every minute.  I would have.

I hate the deal.  We got trounced.  We gave up a ton and got nothing in return.  That is politics in the big leagues folks.  It happens.  They won this round – it was a unanimous decision.  If that was it, it would be awful.  It wasn’t.  We lost so much more and for that, I am truly sad for this country.

We have entered a Constitutional Crisis.  We now live in a country where our President can rule by Fiat, spend anything he wants without a budget or approval by the Congress and seek unlimited access to the full faith and credit of the United States.  Congress just legislated away the power of the purse.

The reason the CR and Debt Ceiling have become flashpoints is because Congress refuses to follow its Constitutional obligation and pass a budget.  Government spending is on an annual $Trillion deficit autopilot.  And we keep passing continuing resolutions to keep that motor humming.  The Debt Ceiling was really the only forum left to force the debate.  That is now gone.  Instead of forcing the President to seek approval to spend trillions of your grandchildrens money – the GOP changed to rule to make it a denial.  In the future, the ceiling will lift automatically unless the House passes a bill denying it and the Senate passes a veto proof (60 vote) majority to the same.  Basically, we effectively no longer have a debt ceiling.  It’s gone.  This was done to avoid future possibilities of default (which is total bunk but there are already a 100 articles on the web as to why).  In reality, it removed one of our safeguards and fundamentally alters the balance of power to the executive branch.  Now the President (whichever party Dems, would you want Bush to have this authority?) gets to decide how much money we spend as a nation.  Not Congress. Not the people.

Really, this should scare you silly irrespective of your political party.  Sadly, both parties are too short-sighted and focused on immediate gratification and job security to care.

Imagine walking into your bank and informing them you are extending your home equity loan from $160K to $190K.  This was off an original loan of $80K you signed 5 years ago. You’re just telling them that you have already committed that additional $30K and they have no choice but to approve the extension.  But wait they say.  You have already doubled the amount of the loan in only 5 years.  You only make $28K per year and you spend over $38K per year.  You are already $10K per year to the bad and you want to extend the loan by $30K?  With interest and your other financial obligations you will blow through the additional $30K in 6 months and need an additional extension or be in default.  You have provided no justification for the extra $30K and no plan as to how, when or if you will ever pay back the $160K let alone the new $190K.   You thank the bank for their concern and hand them the paperwork to sign.

How would that conversation go with your boss at work over annual budgets?  Uh huh.  I would be unemployed too.

Yet, this is what the GOP just legislated away.

For the first time in our history we have the Government mandating we purchase something under the threat of penalty.  We have unelected officials (Czars) writing rules for industry and we hav shifted the power of the purse away from the Legislative to the Executive branch.

We have fundamentally transformed America.


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