Understanding the Tea Party

Let’s be clear, in direct conflict to the shrill from the Democrats, the Tea Party is not an extreme faction of the Republica party.  The Tea Party is mostly highly educated, business men and women who see our country at risk from those that should be guarding it.  They are people of faith who see thier country slowly losing the values on which it was built. Two good articles today.  Highlights below:


Many tea-party supporters are small businessmen who see taxes and regulations as direct threats to their livelihood. Unlike establishment Republicans who see potential gains from government programs such as infrastructure funding, these tea partiers regard most government spending as a deadweight loss. Because many of them run low-wage businesses on narrow margins, they believe that they have no choice but to fight measures, such as ObamaCare, that reduce their flexibility and raise their costs—measures to which large corporations with deeper pockets can adjust…

The tea party is Jacksonian America, aroused, angry and above all fearful, in full revolt against a new elite—backed by the new American demography—that threatens its interests and scorns its values.

Jacksonians care as passionately about the Second Amendment as Jeffersonians do about the First. They are suspicious of federal power, skeptical about do-gooding at home and abroad; they oppose federal taxes but favor benefits such as Social Security and Medicare that they regard as earned. Jacksonians are anti-elitist; they believe that the political and moral instincts of ordinary people are usually wiser than those of the experts and that, as Mr. Mead wrote, “while problems are complicated, solutions are simple.”

That is why the Jacksonian hero defies the experts and entrenched elites and “dares to say what the people feel” without caring in the least what the liberal media will say about him…

Supporters of the tea party, he finds, see President Obama  as anti-Christian, and the president’s expansive use of executive authority evokes charges of “tyranny.” Mr. Obama, they believe, is pursuing a conscious strategy of building political support by increasing Americans’ dependence on government. A vast expansion of food stamps and disability programs and the push for immigration reform are key steps down that road.

But ObamaCare is the tipping point, the tea party believes. Unless the law is defunded, the land of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility will be gone forever, and the new America, dominated by dependent minorities who assert their “rights” without accepting their responsibilities, will have no place for people like them.

For the tea party, ObamaCare is much more than a policy dispute; it is an existential struggle.

Hard work.  Personal responsibility and accountability.  Anti-Elitist.  In what universe is that extreme?  Answer: In the one where the uber liberal Radical sees these people as a threat to their Socialist agenda.  That is why Obama, Reid and Pelosi are so hell-bent on defeating the tea party and trying to split them from the GOP.  And GOP centrists have gotten fat and comfortable during 8 years of the Bush Administration have lost their way.  Operating in some valueless fantasy world.  The liberal agenda is at odds with the American people.  Every poll shows that. Yet the GOP has lost every major election save the 2010 mid-terms.  Why?  Because the GOP establishment doesn’t understand, respect or feel they need the Tea Party.  Dumb asses:


If Republicans think they have a pathway to victory without the tea party, they’re sorely mistaken. The tea party is not some small, fringe element of the Republican coalition

According to a July Pew Research survey, Tea Party Republicans make up nearly half (49 percent) of the Republican primary electorate and fully 37 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners.  So long as Democrats remain modestly unified, it is not conceivable that Republicans could compensate for the loss of anything near 37 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners with gains among moderates and independents. Once a Republican realized there aren’t enough opportunities to win without the tea party, the centrist fantasy would come to an end. Republicans would immediately tack back to their right, in an effort to consolidate the Republican coalition.

Right now, the Media, Democrats and Establishment GOP are blaming the Tea Party for the government shut down.  First of all, who cares.  As of right now the Government can do no harm and Obamacare isn’t funded so the shut down isn’t all bad.  Really tho, the only reason we are debating Obamacare is because of the Tea Party.  It is SHAMEFUL the GOP is negotiating against itself instead of holding firm for the one year delay.  The reason this stalemate will end and the GOP will lose is because the current GOP centrist leaders are losers.  Cowards who immediately cast stones at their own and missed the larger opportunity.  You can blame Ted Cruz for not having a strategy, but it is hard to execute a strategy when Mitch McConnell and John McCain sell you out.  I will not vote for, nor financially support another establishment candidate.



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