Next time, Democrats will take your doctor hostage

This is what I’ve been saying for 5 years or more.  Obamacare is not about your health.  It is about control.  And obviously this Marxist President and his regime are willing to use it.  Thug politics.

Every true “independent” voter in the United States should be clamoring for the full and immediate repeal of ObamaCare after watching a few days of Barack Obama’s Shutdown Theater.  Do you really think the man who vandalized the World War II Memorial with barricades to make elderly veterans suffer will hesitate a microsecond to use your health care as leverage against you, the next time you defy his commands?  You’re not “independent” in any meaningful sense whatsoever if you’re comfortable with what’s going on here.

This was always a top goal of ObamaCare.  Dependency is control.  The Ruling Class does not fear people who rely upon it for food and medicine.  Until now, the first nickel of every proposed “spending cut” – even using the ludicrous Washington definition of the term, which really means “reduction in the rate of spending growth” – has come from teachers, police, and firefighters.  For the rest of history, if ObamaCare is allowed to stand, that first nickel will be coming out of health care.  If Sequester Theater wasn’t enough to convince you this was coming, its big-budget Shutdown Theater sequel should have removed all doubt.

Many of these ObamaCare plans have enormous deductibles and co-payments, particularly where people with pre-existing conditions are concerned.  That will swiftly become another mechanism of control.  Republicans tempted to capitulate in the current shutdown drama, because they’re convinced people will hate ObamaCare even more once they get to know it, are missing the point.  Democrats will use the system’s failures as leverage to make it bigger, the same way every government program grows through failure.  What happens to people who get socked with those gigantic out-of-pocket expenses?  Why, they become the next great Democrat constituency.  The Dems will “fight hard” to make taxpayers cover those poor folks.  You’ve heard Obama thunder about how nobody should go bankrupt due to health expenses, haven’t you?  He’ll say the exact same thing when he’s the bill collector.  The bigger those bills, the better.

One brave soul with a pre-existing condition managed to make it through the craptastic billion-dollar ObamaCare system and discovered $597 monthly premiums with a fourteen thousand dollar yearly deductible.  The fine for non-compliance with King Obama’s generous offer turned out to be $4000 per year.  Hesitate to give the King his tithe, and you’re going to lose your drivers’ license, and maybe get a nice tax lien on your house.  But his loyal army of bureaucratic servants will be happy to vacuum your tax… no, wait it’s a penalty, only Tea Party extremists would call it a tax… no, wait it’s a tax, Mister Chief Justice, we swear on a stack of sacred paperwork!… right out of your bank account.  Wait until the first tax/penalty bites cost some poor soul a few thousand bucks in bounced check charges… all so he can afford the privilege of pretending he’s as free as a pre-Obama American.


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