“This isn’t a government shutdown. It’s a petulant temper tantrum”

I only wish I wrote this:


News of 800,000 non-essential federal workers on furlough led people to wonder why the government has 800,000 non-essential, extremely expensive workers on its payroll in the first place.  Only something like six percent of EPA employees were deemed “essential.”  Why are we being taxed out the wazoo, and forced to carry a crushing debt load, to pay for the rest of them, year after year?

Nobody in the Obama Administration was much troubled by a few million “non-essential” private sector workers getting blown out of the workforce; they routinely trumpet such news as a success, because it makes the heavily cooked U-3 unemployment metric go down…

This isn’t a “government shutdown.” It’s a petulant temper tantrum, a ridiculously pampered ruling class declaring war on the rest of America. How dare you take away their elevator-button pushers and footmen! Don’t you understand that if you leave Vice President Joe Biden with only a dozen staffers, and send the Third Deputy Assistant to the Assistant Undersecretary of Whatever sailing off on the blood-dimmed tide, mere anarchy will be loosed upon the world?

The shutdown is the most painfully visible evidence that as the private sector dwindles, work hours are cut, the American standard of living declines, and belts are tightened, the aristocracy is living large. Washington became the richest city in America over the last view years.

A billion-dollar private corporation is remarkable; a billion-dollar government program is nothing. The longer the shutdown grinds on, the greater the danger that American voters will notice they don’t need a lot of those billion-dollar programs. They’ll wonder how many of those 800,000 non-essential workers really need to go back to work. And, just as the ruling class recoils in horror from getting thrown into the ObamaCare exchanges that are said to be good enough for the Little People, Americans will wonder why it’s so bad to push a few hundred thousand unnecessary federal employees into the private sector that Obama claims is “doing fine.”

Big Government politicians never want to put their money where their mouth is. They never have skin in the game. They exempt themselves from everything they inflict on the rest of us, including economic downturns. They burble with happy talk about policies whose effects they avoid completely. It’s easy for people living in a city full of non-essential employees to talk about how “recovery” is always right around the corner. They don’t suffer a bit when recovery never actually comes. Let’s call their bluff and invite them to live with us out here in flyover-country private-sector America.


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