Radical Hostage Takers – Obama Dilberately seeks to punish WWII vets as props in Gov’t Shutdown

These men and their brothers in arms fought and died for OUR freedom before the current President was born.  Honor Flights are trips organized for Veterans to visit their war memorials in Washington DC.  For any of you that have seen these memorials, they are powerful and well down.  They are also open air, NEVER staffed and completely unaffected by the Government shut down.  As such, the vets asked for special permission to “visit” the memorial yesterday.

How does the President repay these men for their sacrifice?  He doesn’t just deny their request (which he does). He goes out of his way to close an open air memorial honoring the vets that asked to visit it.

This is the man “leading” our nation.  A petty, radical community organizer looking to employ his radical socialist agenda on the rest of us.  Thank you very much low information voters.

Keep the Government closed.  People may actually realize they don’t miss it.


Barack Obama spitefully *chose* to make WWII Memorial inaccessible to veterans.

Every time I look at the WWII Memorial story, it gets worse.

It’s bad that the Obama administration closed down national monuments and museums, because it thinks that attacking DC tourism will give the Democratic party leverage over the Republican party.

It’s bad that the Obama administration tried to keep WWII veterans away from the monument that honors them. It failed, of course, but they shouldn’t have tried.

It’s bad that the Obama administration deliberately – deliberatelytargeted the WWII monument for special restrictions after a veterans’ group made the mistake of thinking that Barack Obama is a reasonable man who runs a reasonable executive branch, and thus would treat that group’s request for assistance with the respect that it deserved.

But this is the nasty part. This is the part where the spite comes into play.

“The public may visit the World War II Memorial 24 hours a day.” Staffed from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm.
http://web.archive.org/web/20121108195139/http://www.nps.gov/wwii/planyourvisit/hours.htm …

In other words: the WWII Memorial does not have a permanent security presence, which means that there is actually no valid, ethical reason why the Obama administration could presume to shut it down for the public. Not that the administration actually needs one. So they proactively locked down a previously-open national monument, and then presumed to tell the men whose sacrifice it honored that those men were not welcome at that place.

Never forget this moment. This is how Barack Obama acts, when challenged or resisted. He acts ugly, and mean-spirited, and shabby.

More from: http://hotair.com/archives/2013/10/02/rand-paul-some-government-idiot-sent-goons-to-barricade-the-memorial/


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