Happy Obamacare Day

You know, there are a lot of articles out there on the web this week talking about the Government shutdown. How Obama and Reid not only wanted, but NEEDED the shutdown to save their agenda and maybe majority in the Senate. How the Conservative wing of the GOP is grandstanding for no gain and how passing a clean CR and letting Obamacare fail naturally would win the 2014 and 2016 elections.

Here is my response to that. Between the three “players” in this debate; the GOP establishment, Obamazombies led by Reid and Barry himself and the Tea Party – only one is standing behind their convictions and principles. The establishment wants to cave for political gain. Obama wants to blame the GOP for anything he can – for political gain. Meanwhile, the Tea Party is actually opposed to a piece of legislation, so poorly written it can’t possibly work, passed by legislative trickery over the objection of a majority of the nation that is currently being implemented by a President who is selectively NOT enforcing MAJOR elements of it for political gain.

This is about your personal freedom.  This is about our long term financial stability as a nation.  This is about not letting a Radical and his minions fundamentally transform the greatest nation on earth.

John McCain, Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell had their chance.  It’s our turn.



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