Radical Assault on our Economy – Obamacare

So, we have added over $6T to our national debt. The treasury has printed trillions propping up the economy and we have NOTHING to show for it. Record low labor force participation. Sub 2% GDP growth and an unemployment rate defined as ‘the new normal”.  We do have a brand new national health care system about to continue its economic assault on our country.  Do you want to know what business leaders think about it?  No, not the leaders that have been bought and paid for by Obama.  How about small business owners, the true economic engine of this economy:

What do small businesses want? According to the charts, 63% want a one-year delay in ObamaCare’s implementation, while only 27% want it to go into effect tomorrow as scheduled.  Forty-seven percent want full repeal, while another 27% want revisions, for an overall opposition of 74%.  Sixty percent expect the law to force health care costs to rise, while only 11% believe those costs will go down.  Fifty-eight percent expect to reduce their benefits package, 49% expect to reduce bonuses, and 47% plan to pull back on future hiring as a result.



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