Why the Left Really is against Voter ID Laws

Everyone… and I mean everyone… knows why the left is against voter ID laws.  The discussion is actually comical.  Another example of liberals having to defend the indefensible.


It is of little concern to the Left and their allies in the “news” media that a supermajority of white and non-white Americans supports these laws, that jurisdictions with these laws in place saw an increase in black and Hispanic voter turnout in 2012, or that the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that voter ID laws are constitutional.

The Left is just as unmoved by the argument that there are virtually no barriers to acquiring a state issued ID, that an ID is required to drive a car, get a job, and rent an apartment, or that the assumption that black people are not as capable of getting an ID as white people is itself inherently racist.

We can chalk the Left’s position on voter IDs to opportunism: they know that voter IDs can, at least in theory, mitigate election fraud and potentially lower Democrat turnout. But this explanation overlooks the larger point: [B]the Left’s opposition to voter IDs is rooted in its ambivalence to representative democracy.[/B]

For the far left, elections are a means to an end. So long as elections lead to liberal Democrats implementing a leftist agenda, they are desirable. But if Americans elect conservatives who implement an agenda antithetical to the Left’s world view, then elections are impediments to utopia. In other words, the Left does not place intrinsic value on elections. Above all, the Left values an intrusive federal government equipped with the power to manage (or micromanage) all sectors of society for the supposed betterment of humanity.
But because the Left does not inherently value representative democracy and sees it only as a means to Big Government, neither do leftists care about the integrity of the system. If voter ID laws make it more difficult for homeless people, dead people, felons, and other illegitimate voters to vote Democrat, then voter ID laws are barriers to leftist utopia.  [B]My point is that the far left is a friend of democracy only when democracy serves to advance the left’s agenda. If elections can be rigged to advance that agenda, then the means justify the end.[/B]

For most conservatives, the Left’s visceral opposition to voter ID laws is a ploy to increase illegitimate Democratic turnout. [B]For most Americans who are not political, the opposition is bizarre and nonsensical. [/B] The underlying logic of the far left is against common sense measures that preserve the integrity of elections because they pursue utopia, not a system of checks and balances.


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