Barack Obama is a Great Success

I would agree.  Obama doesn’t care about the USA.  He cares about himself and a leftist progressive agenda.  “Fundamentally transforming America”…

Rush -“Obama isn’t ‘making a mess’ of anything. Obama may be one of the most successful presidents that we’ve ever had.”

I said, “He’s getting everything he wants. He’s transforming this country in ways that no one ever thought possible. He is succeeding at every turn, and he has a scandal pop up at just the right time every moment some big transformation’s taking place so that we’re all distracted. Everything the guy wants is happening one way or the other, sooner than later, later than sooner. Whatever. Nobody’s stopping Obama. Nobody’s stopping the Democrats. They’re getting everything they want.

“They’re getting everything they want with the Republican Party going along with most of it! Now, if your definition of a successful president or a failure as a president is somebody who is making a mess of things? Yeah, then he’s a miserable failure. But from his standpoint, Obama’s objectives, his goals? I’ll bet you Obama, in private, can’t believe how easy this has been. I’ll bet you when he and Holder and Valerie Jarrett and the rest of them get together, they laugh and talk about how easy this has been.

All it means to Obama is that the United States isn’t as feared nor is it as respected. In Hong Kong they wouldn’t extradite Snowden. I’m telling you, this is right up Obama’s alley, to preside over the decline of the superpower once known as the United States. Look, there isn’t any doubt about this any more. There’s no doubt about what Obama’s agenda is. There’s no doubt about what his plans for transforming the country are, and there’s no doubt that he’s just profoundly successful with all this.

There’s no doubt about this now. Anybody out there, including low-information voters, who thinks that Obama’s trying to accomplish the opposite of what’s happening are just hopelessly irretrievable. If anybody really believes Obama’s trying to spur and grow this economy, create a growing private sector with growing private sector jobs, they’re hopeless. If anybody really thinks that Obama’s trying to strengthen the US border and all this, they’re hopeless. They’re lost. We’re coming up now on the five years of this.

At some point you have to admit, “You know what? This isn’t just a mistake. This isn’t somebody not qualified for the job and doesn’t know what they’re doing. This is somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing.” So when you see CNN Money has the story, “76% of Americans are Living Paycheck to Paycheck”? Well, what do you think is gonna happen when you have an administration that’s doing everything it can to take people’s wealth?


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