What is wrong with people? Defending Monsters so they can keep Teaching your Kids

This crap makes my blood boil. The victim in the first case committed suicide as she never was able to adjust after her ordeal. Her teacher / rapist got 30 days. Not years, days. She was 14 at the time. In the second case, the teachers peers in the school asked the judge for a light sentencing after the teach molested (and took pictures) an 8th grade boy. Fellow teachers and a school board member defending the monster, in court. The judge was disgusted by the show of support and issued an appropriate sentence. The community was outraged, not at the sick abusive teacher but at the parents of the boy. Someone set their house on fire.

Our society has lost its way. We are being taught to celebrate extremes and mock the traiditional. You know, this country could use a little traditional values right about now.



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