A Message From Paul Ryan

I received this letter from Paul Ryan – we’re tight

In 4 days we’ll hit another crucial fundraising deadline, and we’ve just got to reach our goal. Every dollar we raise will help protect our House majority – and keep Nancy Pelosi out of the speaker’s chair.

A left-wing victory in 2014 is the last thing we need. Obamacare is a disaster. The economy is still stagnant. And the IRS scandal is eroding trust in the government.

Our House majority is all that stands in the way of President Obama’s big-government agenda. That’s why I’m asking for your support.

Will you please chip in $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today to grow the majority in 2014?

Left-wing super PACs are already raising millions to take back the House. Your donation today will keep our movement strong.


Paul Ryan

My reply:


Funny, I don’t recall you being in the press lately for vowing to defeat obamacare or prosecute the administration for the IRS, Benghazi, NSA or Fast & Furious scandals. I do recall you being in the press for being PRO amnesty to illegal immigrants. As such, all of my money is already dedicated to funding free college tuition and Obamacare for 10 million illegal immigrants. Sorry I can’t help.



The IRS scandal is eroding trust? Paul, the IRS scandal was a political party using the power of the government to intimidate and suppress political opposition. It was the worse abuse of power since Nixon. It has ties directly to the Administration. The only trust in Government that has been eroded is my ‘trust’ there are still checks and balances. Until you stop using Democratic talking points and start addressing the real issues you won’t get a nickel.

When will the these “Republican Leaders” learn. We, not the RINO’s, are the core and base of the party. They are letting the President, the damn President cast us as ‘extreme’. Arguably the most radical, partisan person to occupy the White House and they side with him time and time again. Make no mistake, turning a blind eye – not fighting back – is siding with him. See MOCGATORS post about the 33 ObamaEconomy stats. Are any of those the items we are discussing? No. Obama would have prosecuted a corporate CEO for any one of those. We re-elected him. The Democrats have us chasing immigration reform, gay marriage, school lunch programs and solar power. They have Chris Christie taking pot shots at Ted Cruz. Paul Ryan in town halls explaining why ignoring our immigration laws is a good thing. No Paul, you can’t count on my support.

That’s the problem. They have taken our support for granted. Two Presidential election cycles we held our noses and got behind RINO’s. No more.

The left is about celebrity. They love their candidates blindly. Bill, Hillary, Barry – they can do no wrong, ever. Conservatives on the other hand love their ideals, their principles. Ryan and Christie have miscalculated if they believe star power is going to get them the support of the GOP base.


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