The Left has no shame –

Question – do you think you would be allowed to walk up to security and demand they let you stay in a sporting event that you snuck into? In fact, you want a seat upgrade because you can’t see from your current location. How about a plane? Walk on and just park in first class. No ticket, no problem. Bring your kid, for drama. No, neither the stadium authority or airline would let you stay because it’s illegal.

Your need is not a claim on someone elses life. Sorry. Here is the latest tactic the left is using at GOP townhall meetings:

It was at once a brilliant and ridiculous question, supposing that the problem is enforcement of the law not the person who broke the law to come here and later had children. It also supposes that the parent would leave the child behind in the U.S. — what kind of parent would do that?

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, illegals are protesting for changes that require them to pay out of state tuition… you read that right. Citizens of a foreign country, here illeglally, want to pay in-state tuition. Subsidized by American citizens. I can’t get NC state tuition but they can? I’m over this crap.

The left loves to grab the moral high ground in these debates. There is a huge difference between being a generous nation that encourages immigration and one that is lawless and provides more benefits to illegals than it does to the very citizenry funding said lawlessness. This isn’t about deporting anyones daddy. No, it’s about amnesty and full nanny state access.


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