Why is it only White Athletes need sensitivity training?

Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles was caught on tape using a racial slur. He was ‘excused’ from the team and has been sent to seek professional help to understand how his words were wrong and hurtful. I make no excuses for him. None. He deserves what he gets and I suspect he will find his return to the league most troubling given a majority of his peers are black and he plays a contact sport.

My question is why only white athletes are subjected to this. Why is Riley Cooper the only one worthy of special segments dealing with race on Sports Center?


Falcons wide receiver Roddy White had one of the most notable responses. He sent out a tweet asking “what kind of world” we live in and recommended that the jurors in the case “go home and kill themselves.” White’s words, like Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s prediction that Zimmerman won’t last a year before “the hood catches up with him,” were construed by many as inflammatory at a moment when there was a fear that the verdict would lead to unrest.

I’m sorry, telling an all white, all female jury to go home and kill themselves would seem to warrant sensitivity training – no? It is a complete double standard that fuels racial tensions. If it were truly about political correctness, all these cases would be treated equally. But it isn’t. It’s about agenda. Left Wing Agenda. The Left needs race to be a burning issue to further their agenda. It’s disgusting. It’s disgraceful. It isn’t just race.

Recall the firestorm when Rush called the Sandra Fluke a slut? A woman demanding free birth control so she could have sex… Where was the firestorm when Anthony Weiner’s campaign staff called a female whistle blower a ‘slut bag’ and the “C” word? None, double standard.

But what do we expect with public examples like the following:



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