Obama Loves Big Government – Doesn’t Understand the Economy

He is an idiot, a radical and sadly our President.

First there was this gem:

In Chattanooga on Tuesday, the latest stop on his economic inequality tour, President Obama made himself an offer he couldn’t refuse. If Congressional Republicans agree to a corporate tax increase, he said, then he’ll agree to spend more money on his favorite public-works projects. If Republicans bargain hard, will he also offer an expansion of ObamaCare as a sweetener?

We know this sounds like an exaggeration, but that’s the essence of what the President proposed as what he called a new “grand bargain.” Mr. Obama will agree to reform the corporate tax code—a GOP priority and one even the President claims to support—but only if the reform raises more revenue and only if he is allowed to spend that windfall on his priorities.

This isn’t a serious offer. In fact, during his ‘speach’ he demonized anyone who would dare oppose such generous offer. This offer was nothing more than a populist soundbite for the uneducated voter. At the same time, he was flipping off the GOP. Then, there was this one:

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. economy would be “much better off” if federal, state, and local governments hired more workers.

As cities like Chicago face budget crises from unfunded pensions for retiring public workers and cities as large as Detroit have declared bankruptcy, Obama suggested these governments should spend more taxpayer money to improve the national unemployment rate

Well, additional union jobs might help Democrats get elected, but taking more money from the Private sector and dumping it into bloated union salaries and pension plans won’t help the economy. It hurts the economy.

Britt Hume said it right the other day – Obama would rather have us all equally poor versus us all unequally rich. That’s not entirely true. He and the ruling class would remain above the fray while we eat cake.


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