GOP Senate helps the Radical Left pass Illegal Immigration Reform – Now they want donoations to continue their good work.

The NRSC – National Republican Senatorial Committee – wrote me this weekend asking for donations.  You see, time is critical ahead of the 2014 and 2016 elections.  Their goal is 51 senators – conservatives to fix dysfunctional Washington.  A noble goal to be sure but that goal is farther away than they realize.  You see, several ‘conservative’ senators voted to raise taxes earlier this year.  Many more voted to grant amnesty to 11M illegal aliens.  Wd got waxed during the 2012 Senate elections because we ran RINO’s in key states.  We should already have the majority.  The establishment is in a state of denial if they think  I am going to give them more of my money to waste.  No chance.  I plan on keeping every penny Obama doesn’t steal.  I will strongly support candidates, not a party.  The two senators from my home state received a personal note explaining my criteria.  As for the rest, we lost the 2012 election because 400K true conservatives in swing states stayed home. They stayed home because the GOP doesn’t understand it’s base.

I replied to the request simply:  Contact the 11M illegals you are granting amnesty.  I am sure they are ready to donate to the GOP.




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