Fox News Chairman Ailes Acceptance Speech

Fox has been under fire since day one of Obama.   Unlike the Big 3, Fox continues to press on.  Maybe that’s why they are rated #1…

He gave a speech today.  A small sample, link to the full text below. Begin.

“We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by others, many of whom want to  impose their culture and laws under the manufactured utopian idea that all  cultures are equal and most are better than America’s. Of course all people  should be proud of their heritage. They should teach their children to be proud  of their history and traditions.

“Immigrants will always be welcome here. But America is a culture, too…

“Regardless of your political party there are some themes that I believe we  should all agree on: Government must reinforce the value of the individual and  life. Government must have programs to help individual independence flourish and  not reinforce dependency. Votes must not be purchased by corrupt organizations  or individuals on false missions of mercy. Freedom cannot be compromised  anywhere. Anti-Americanism needs to be answered every place, every time. By  every one of us.

“I mentioned earlier that American culture is unique and must be included in  all discussions of culture. It is America that has fed more and freed more  people on earth than all the other countries put together. You know how I know  this is a great country? Because everybody is trying to get in, and nobody is  trying to get out.

“I have heard complicated treatises on world affairs. I have listened to  theories of foreign policy. I have listened to the criticism of the United  States. I’ve watched even some Americans systematically try to dismantle the  greatest country on earth and yet we are still strong. We’re strong, because of  three words I believe, God, country, family.

“I cannot and will not apologize for any of those and anything that enhances  those, I will defend them with my life.

“Thank you. And God bless you all.”

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