Immigration Reform? The President Says Trust Me. Representative King says, “No”

The old guard republican caucus is lost.  So mired in politics, they have lost their way.  Their compass no longer points true north.  THAT is why we lost the election.  Well that and illegal voter suppression from the IRS and a cover up of 4 deaths in Benghazi.  Put aside the issue for a second.  Irrespective of your stance on immigration reform, ask yourself why the GOP continues to agree to these back room deals with the Democrats?  FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW.  Allow BOTH Houses of Congress to debate and legislate.  Get our Republic out of the back rooms and into the light.   The same thing is already happening with the next debt deal.  ENOUGH.

Full article link attached.  Insightful.

Full Article:

When President Obama came before House Republicans in March, King recalls, he told his political opponents, “You will never win another national election again until you pass comprehensive immigration reform. Republicans, I am trying to help you.”  The Iowan retorts, “I don’t know how any Republicans can think it’s a good idea to take that kind of political help from the president. He’s not trying to help us.”

In fact, King believes the bill will create a permanent Democratic majority, something he implored his colleagues to heed at the RSC meeting.

“What they are seeking to do is convert the Hispanic vote into a monolithic voting bloc, very similar to that of African Americans. They know how to do it, they succeeded with the African-American vote.”


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