Gun Running in Benghazi – More details and questions

Very detailed article attached for your review.  A couple of observations from it.  First, it does a great job cataloging the events leading up to 9/11 Benghazi and after.  Specifically how the CIA and State Department lost track of the Stingers post the attack on our Embassy.  They don’t know how many or where they are.  Most likely Syria.  Second, it questions which country was actually providing the weaponry and what, if any, involvement the US had in either providing or enabling shipment.  Finally, the article is completely sourced from public information.  As the author jokes at one point:

To save Eric Holder and the Department of Justice the trouble of reading my e-mail or collecting my phone records, all of the information in this report is gathered from public and open sources, both in the U.S. and overseas, and none of it can be considered classified or sensitive.

Amazing a journalist could put this kind of story together with publically available information yet this is being covered virtually no where in the press.  Link:


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