Right Now

Right Now, the IRS is being investigated for illegally suppressing conservative and religious organizations solely because they opposed the President

Right Now, the IRS is being investigated for enacting unofficial policy espoused by the President and Senate Democrats (wsj link)

Right Now, the IRS is set to hire nearly 2,000 agents to enforce over 47 provisions in Obamacare (note, no funding for a single new doctor is in the legislation)

Right Now, Sarah Hall Ingram – the woman that was the commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012, is LEADING the division of the IRS charged with this oversight

Right Now, the IRS is building a GIANT national data base called the Data Services Hub.  This database will be used to enforce obamacare by compiling information about YOU from IRS, DHS, HHS and others agencies.  It will the most comprehensive and dangerous collection of private data in the country.

Right Now, this Administration has been caught trying to intimidate the press and potential whistleblowers in the AP and Benghazie Scandals

Right Now, the Administration that used the IRS to intimidate political foes, pro-life groups and religious institutions (almost 500 organizations were targeted in total) wants you to trust that Obamacare and this personal database will be administered with no political bias or blackmail

Right Now, the government is ‘monitoring’ and regulating every consumer credit transaction via Dodd-Frank

Right Now, every American should be terrified their personal liberties are under attack.

Right Now it is not too late – It soon may be




That all of this is happening as the IRS is in the middle of hiring potentially thousands of new employees to write and enforce ObamaCare regulations should make everyone afraid. It is also happening while the IRS is in the middle of creating a giant information center with other federal agencies called the Data Services Hub to assist with rolling out ObamaCare that will provide one stop shopping on everything but what color underwear someone is wearing for the day.



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