No Way Out – IRS Version

If this is true… one of two possibilities.  The White House Counsel knew about the IRS abuses and kept it from the President.  Fired.  Or two, she knew, told the President and he is lying – Impeachment.  Place your bets.

Almost as disgusting is the mention that SEVERAL reporters knew about this and didn’t report it until after the AP story.

I’ve been told today by several reporters that President Obama’s White House  counsel, Kathryn Ruemmler, knew for several days — perhaps weeks —that some  Internal Revenue Service officials were engaging in political targeting of  conservative groups, and that she did not tell the president as soon as she knew  even partial reports about the story.

It is also hard to understand why some people in the media who apparently knew  about this foreknowledge by the White House counsel and her failure to tell the  president missed this story and its significance.

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