Hey Hillary, Look out, here comes the Benghazi Bus courtesy of the White House

Breaking News.  Repost from Breitbart.com:


FEST was not deployed and Attkisson’s White House sources blame that on Hillary Clinton’s deputy at State, Patrick Kennedy:

Yet deployment of the counterterrorism experts on the FEST was ruled out from the start. That decision became a source of great internal dissent and the cause of puzzlement to some outsiders.

Thursday, an administration official who was part of the Benghazi response told CBS News: “I wish we’d sent it.”

The official said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Patrick Kennedy, quickly dispensed with the idea. A senior State Department official Thursday told CBS News, “Under Secretary Kennedy is not in the decision chain on FEST deployment” but would not directly confirm whether Kennedy or somebody else dismissed the FEST.

Regardless of who is responsible, the officials interviewed said there was no good reason not to deploy FEST.

White House critics would disagree.

One very good reason not to deploy FEST would be because the very act of deploying a counterterror unit to Benghazi would be an admission that a terrorist act had occurred in Benghazi. After the attack, the Obama Administration (which includes State) spent almost two weeks spinning a false narrative that said Libya was not a terror attack.

The fact that FEST was not deployed only helped that narrative.


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