The Real Scandal behind Benghazi – Progressivism Exposed

There are lies to be sure.   There are edited documents, we have proof.  There is a false narrative.  There is an obsession to not call terrorism terrorism.  There have been obvious acts of intimidation to keep people from testifying.   As bad as all these things are – and some of them may eventually bring consequences to the administration.  I have long believed there was a worse crime.  The Commander-in-Chief and Secretary of State, those responsible for putting people in harm’s way, knew our people were in danger – and did nothing.  Someone at the AmericanThinker agrees.

The entire article is worth reading, but the two I pulled out for you here are VERY IMPORTANT to understand. 

Link to the full article included.  Once again, emphasis mine:

“What  were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton doing during the seven and a half hours  between the initial emergency communications from Benghazi and the final  American deaths?”  A negative answer was provided in February by Leon  Panetta: they were not engaging with their subordinates; they were not contacting anyone to discuss options; they were giving no orders for action; they remained entirely uninvolved.

We  are left to speculate about the positive answer to that question.  Were  they sleeping?  Curled up by the fire with a good manifesto?  Playing  poker with Huma and the gang?  Practicing jokes for a fundraising  speech?  Your guess is as good as mine.

And  none of these guesses really matter in the end, compared to the looming horror  that attends any of the possibilities, namely this: the president and secretary of state of  the most powerful nation on Earth are impervious to shame.  They can do —  they have done — what you hope you could never do, what you pray your  children will never be able to do, what psychologists fill academic journals  attempting to explain.  They were informed that their countrymen — their  appointees — were being attacked, were issuing repeated cries for help, and, if  nothing were done to intercede, were likely to be killed.  Knowing this,  and knowing, further, that they had at their disposal the most powerful military  in the world, no risk of personal harm, and many subordinates prepared to leap  into action at their word, they blithely walked away from the desperate men  pleading for their help, and carried on with whatever they happened to be doing  that night.  They let other men  suffer unto death without lifting a finger to help, or even indicating a  moment’s regret for their inaction after the fact.

They  demonstrated a cold lack of interest in the suffering of others — not the  abstract, theoretical suffering of collective interest groups, such as “the  poor” or “gays” or “women,” but the real physical pain and mortal terror-style  suffering of individual human beings in mortal crisis.

Progressivism, socialism, Marxism — call it what you will — is an  authoritarian strategy masked as a political theoryAt its core is the  premise that the state has full authority, in the name of “the people,” to do  any number of things which would have been almost universally recognized,  throughout human history, as shameful acts.  In the name of “equality” and  “justice,” progressives claim the authority to take one man’s rightfully earned  possessions by force, and simply give them to other men; to remove children  forcibly from their parents, and raise them according to precepts that may be  antithetical to everything the parents believe; to retard the intellectual and  moral development of every citizen through an aggressive, coercive program of  indoctrination through government schools, aimed at producing a submissive  underclass of competent but unambitious adults; to determine, by edict, who may  or may not be permitted to pursue life-preserving medical treatment, and under  what conditions that treatment may be provided; and so on through the litany of  moral violations recast as “services,” and even “rights,” by collectivist  despots and their bureaucratic minions.

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