Really? That’s your excuse? Obama wasn’t involved in Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ or anything for that matter…My Tuesday Rant

The White House knew the IRS was targeting conservative groups on April 22nd, but Obama found out, from the press, on Friday.  May 10th.   The American Embassy was under attack in Benghazi, but Obama wasn’t involved in the chain of command that night.  The Department of Justice was monitoring a major news outlet for two months and neither the head of DOJ or the President are aware.  Of anything.

We are to believe NO military assets where anywhere near Libya on September 11th. Uh huh. That the IRS scandal was a few low level flunkies and not a coordinated effort. Sure, why not. Barry, Hillary and Eric are all as shocked, shocked as you are. Makes sense. After all, when has this administration ever given us cause to not trust them?

Question – what is worse?  That Obama was involved in all of these scandals? Or that he wasn’t?  One outcome paints a vindictive, illegal pursuit of their agenda.  The other, utter incompetence.  I vote those aren’t mutually exclusive.

This administration has a history of targeting their enemies.  They have shut out members of the press corps that report negatively on their agenda. They have attacked by name personal citizens that oppose their agenda.  They have issued Obamacare waivers to union supporting companies while denying them to others.  They have granted untold monies and regulatory favors to the green energy sector while viciously attacking oil production.  They sued Boeing for trying to open a business in a profitable locale instead of losing money in a union run state.  They spent an entire election cycle demonizing opponents.  The head of HHS is currently ‘fund raising’ in the healthcare industry to assist with Obamacare implementation – no impropriety/blackmail there.   They changed the term terrorism to man-made disasters.  They called Fort Hood “work place violence”.  The IRS targeted conservative groups for trying to ‘educate people about the Constitution”.  They wiretapped the press.  Barry went to bed while his Ambassador was being murdered and delegates attacked.

Now this administration wants us to trust the IRS to monitor Obamacare compliance.  They want us to trust that an unelected, unaccountable HHS board will decide what’s best for us.  They want religious institutions to pay for contraception and abortions.  They want you to register your healthcare status and gun ownership with them, but have no problem if your 15 year old daughter buys the morning after pill without your knowledge or consent.

They call conservatives Taliban, terrorists and extremists.  They call the taliban, terrorists and extremists protesters.

He uses words like collective, fairness, greater good, fair share, forward.  He wants to fundamentally transform America.  He wants you to voluntarily give up your rights to government.  So did Karl Marx.

He has borrowed $7T dollars since he was elected.  Your grandkids will be paying that bill.  We have accepted 7.5% unemployment as good news.  Force participation is at record lows.  We have record high numbers of Americans on disability, food stamps and welfare.  Obamacare is about to make all that worse.  Immigration reform as defined by open borders will cause it all to collapse.

This administration is the most corrupt, crony, inner circle to ever occupy the White House.

There is no question this President incompetent.  There is no question this President is a petty, petulant vindictive man.  He is arrogant.  He is a liar.  He can’t advance his agenda because he is a petty, petulant, vindictive liar and his opponents know it.

Where am I going with this?  There was a time I enjoyed a good political debate.  Debate the issues.  Here is my point of view.  What is yours?  Let’s match wits.  But this Administration isn’t about policy issues.  They are after Constitutional issues.  Buy this or we will tax you.  Don’t pay your taxes and we will arrest you.  Disagree with us and we will sick the Tax beast on you.  We are going to tax you more to pay off our supporters with your hard earned money.  We are going to make you fund all that with which you disagree.  Disagree with us and we will deny you access, or worse, monitor you.  This isn’t about me not liking the man – which I don’t – it is about me being concerned with how he is trying to fundamentally trying to change this nation.

Ask yourself, do you try to fundamentally transform something you love?   I don’t think he loves America.  Which is sad.  America is the greatest force of good the planet has known.  It has created more wealth and personal freedom than any form of Government tried before it.   And he wants to change it.  I want to stop him.  That’s where I am going with this.


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