A quick word on immigration reform

Mrs Tincup9 was asking why I haven’t posted on immigration reform.  I was trying to give Marco Rubio the benefit of the doubt for as long as possible.  Sorry, time is up.  The bill the gang of 8 is proposing is a cluster.  Almost another 1,000 pages of legislation largely written by special interests, crammed full of crap and giveaways.  Mostly, my concern lies on two fronts:

First – this is really nothing more than a Democrat voter registration effort.  The Dems are masters of grabbing the moral high ground to advance their legislation and enhance their power.  Do you REALLY believe they care about your healthcare?  If they did, Obamacare would look much different.  Obamacare was a down payment on a single payer system.  Designed to drive oversight and tax dollars to unelected government officials.  No, they are simply trying to consolidate power.  In Government, more specifically, in them.  They are willing to roll the dice that immigartion reform will swell their voter registration files and the GOP is too scared and stupid to see it.   The GOP will not win over the hispanic vote via immigration reform – they will do it by paving the way to achieving the American dream for immigrants.

Second – You can’t have open borders and a welfare state.  The math doesn’t work.  Did you vote for obamacare to be offered to Mexico?  Well, you kinda did.  Costs associated with the immigration reform bill are estimated at $9TRILLION dollars offset by only $3T in new taxes for… .wait for it…. $6T in new debt.   There is a difference between work visa’s and funding the worlds welfare state.


As  a supporter of a practical immigration reform that focuses  on “work visas” and  bringing in people with advanced degrees, I  understand those who are a  bit skeptical about another “long bill”  without a specific idea of  costs.  Frankly,  I am growing more and more skeptical, too.  Does  anyone seriously think  that we can add any more layers to our welfare  state?  The US is not  immune from reality.  We  learn daily about the problems with ObamaCare, from the  advent of part time workers to taxes  that were only supposed to be for the  rich.
Again,  don’t blame people for asking tough questions about the  new immigration  proposal.  We need questions and specific  answers.  Senators  Rubio, Blake & McCain need to get busy explaining  what this will cost or it  will fail.

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