One Day to Benghazi Hearings- Please let the GOP be better prepared this time

The GOP really dropped the ball during the Senate hearings on Bencghazi.  Thankfully, all signs point to a reversal with the House.  Leaks are proving so damaging Democratic congressmen are running and the media is actually reporting.  Shock.

It sure would have been nice to hear some “courageous” Democrats talking this way before the election wouldn’t it?  That way, an informed electorate would have been given a chance to pass judgment on the dangerous incompetence, and outrageous dishonesty, of Barack Obama and his team.

Here’s what really happened: Obama and his political team understand that timing is everything when a scandal like Benghazi breaks.  He really wanted to hold on to that “al-Qaeda has been decimated” nonsense.  He could not afford media coverage of the bloody disaster Libya has degenerated into, because he needed the fall of Qaddafi to be seen as a total foreign policy triumph.  He couldn’t survive knowledge of “stand down” orders, or his Administrations’ bizarre refusal to provide the ambassador to Libya with adequate security, entering public consciousness within hours of the attack.

Obama needed to survive a couple of crucial news cycles to stand a chance of surviving the Benghazi disaster.  He gambled, correctly, that the public could be distracted with other matters if he made it through the first few days.  He knew the media sure as hell wouldn’t try to refocus their attention on Benghazi once the wheels of the Obama campaign bus got over those “bumps in the road.”  As for future consequences… well, there are always a few people who can be thrown under that bus to protect the President.  Ideally, it could be someone he doesn’t like much anyway, who became famous for an extremely inconvenient but memorable sound bite, such as “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

These upcoming House hearings will clear away the debris from a campaign operation that corrupted foreign policy, and national security, in order to control 72 hours’ worth of headlines.


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