Obama has no shame

The President of the United States threw a hissy fit on foreign soil last week.  After losing the gun control debate here at home, the petulant man child threw a fit in Mexico blaming Mexico’s drug violence on US guns and demands for illegal drugs.  No mention of lapse border security.  NO mention of the Fast and Furious scandal where HIS ADMINISTRATION was shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels.

So his Smugness in Chief stands on foreign soil to take shots at his political opponents at home while completely ignoring his own guilt.  I said in the title he has no shame.  He may not have a soul.  As a reminder, I am including a link to the devastation caused in Mexico by Fast and Furious.  I am also including one about Benghazi.  At some point, the media may finally report why Chris Stevens and the CIA were doing in Libya.   It was a massive gun running operation.  Oh, those weapons are missing.  Stay tuned to this weeks hearings.




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