Benghazi – FINALLY in the news.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised by the Benghazi whistleblower hearings this week.  AST did more reporting off web service news wires then the entire mainstream media immediately after the attacks.  I am including links to earlier posts that point to all of what we are now hearing.

So what difference does it make at this point Hillary?  Well, you’re right, the media covered it up long enough to hand Obama the election so it won’t make a difference there.  It could sink your candidacy in 2016 however.  The real issue however is that this administration would rather protect terrorists and spare any ill will towards radicals than protect American lives.  No, our military assets couldn’t have gotten there in time to save our Ambassador, but others died needlessly.

It will also make a difference to those men and women currently serving in harms way.  The fact you asked the question shows how unqualified you (and this administrations) are to lead this nation.



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