Obama Throws a Tantrum – Your Flight is Delayed

President Obama.  The architect of Sequestration.  The man who has exempted himself from Obamacare and the retirement wealth cap.  The man who jets to campaign events and private golf outings on tax payer funded Air Force 1, is throwing a fit because he was asked to cut $44B out of a $3.6T budget this year.  He is a spoiled child.  Sadly, he is also President.

A couple of facts.

  • 2/3rd of the FAA budget is funded by ticket charges.  You directly fund TWO THIRDS
  • The ‘furloughs’ were spread evenly across all job types at the FAA – worse, evenly across ALL airports.  So SFO and LAX have the same furlough %’s as Podunk airport in Utah.
  • The FAA’s budget is $15.9B.  BILLION.  They were asked to cut $600M.  They spend $300M a year on OFFICE SUPPLIES & TRAVEL but somehow felt the need to furlough flight controllers

They can’t find any money in a $16B budget to cut that doesn’t impact flight times?  A 4% budget cut results in a 10% cut in air traffic controllers?  And you want to tell me this isn’t a political stunt?  This is actually a perfect example of the liberal mind.  ALL government spending is good and necessary.  There is no waste.  None at all.   We must have every penny.  Keep sending us your tax dollars and if you don’t, we will make it hurt.  To quote the President – they are hostage takers.

The portion of those cuts that the Obama Administration specified apply to the FAA is $600 million. They could cut instead the $500 million the FAA is spending on consultants, the $325 million it is spending on supplies and travel, and the Transportation Department’s new $474 million grant program “to make communities more livable and sustainable,” as reported in theWall Street Journal yesterday. Republicans have also already passed legislation in the House, and introduced it in the Senate, to give President Obama complete discretion to make the 2% cuts in spending growth out of the most wasteful federal spending to be found…

So pursuant to that plan, the Obama Administration is trying to manipulate the public by imposing artificial, unnecessary, abusive air travel delays, hoping the easily fooled, Twitter voters will rise in anger to force the Republicans to reverse the sequester cuts, and increase taxes yet again, after all. If this was still the real America of free and independent people, they would rise in fury instead and demand that the President be impeached for such abusive, dishonest manipulation of the public he is supposed to be serving. What President Obama is doing this week is an attack on the American people, for cynical political gain.




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