Flight Delays – Political Stunt

Let’s see.  We operated last year just fine with less money than we will have this year… but this year we cut $44B (prorated) out of a $3+T federal budget,  so, you know, sequester is causing these flight delays.  Look at the press release from Delta.  Recognize a pattern in the airports mentioned?  New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois and Philadelphia – could these states/city be MORE BLUE?  Come on guys, give me a break.  Shameful.  Absolutely shameful. 

They included a link to ‘dontgroundamerica.com’ as well.  On that site it says: “The FAA furloughing thousands of air traffic controllers and will purposely delay thousands of flights every day.  The FAA’s unnecessary and reckless action will disrupt air travel for millions of Americans, cost jobs and threatens to ground the US economy to a halt.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The FAA can make other cost cuts, and deem air traffic controllers ‘essential employees’. 

When the furloughs began on Sunday morning, Delta Airlines put the following statement on their website to voice their disappointment:

On behalf of our customers and employees, Delta is disappointed that furloughs of Federal Aviation Administration personnel will result in delays and cancellations across the national air transportation system. The FAA has advised Delta that furlough-driven delays are most likely to occur at the following 10 airports:

New York-LaGuardia
New York-JFK
Newark Liberty
Fort Lauderdale
Chicago O’Hare
Chicago Midway
San Francisco
Los Angeles (LAX)
San Diego

Delta will continue to do everything possible to mitigate these delays for our customers. As always, we encourage customers to check their flight status at delta.com or on the Fly Delta app before arriving at the airport.

Read more: FAA furloughs frustrate pilots, carriers and passengers alike – KMSP-TVhttp://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/22037018/faa-furloughs-frustrate-pilots-carriers-and-passengers-alike#ixzz2RCXVK6yL




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