Dear Friends

My heart aches for those in Boston that have been harmed by recent events.  Truly a sad day for all America.   But the terrorists lost.  Amid the horror were unbelievable acts of bravery and compassion.  Adults throwing themselves on children to shield them from potential additional blasts.  Citizens and first responders rushing to the aid of those wounded while there was still danger around.  Truly inspiring. 

We must find those responsible.  This cannot pass. 

And as much as I have tried to not get mad at every liberal looking to exploit this incident, I have finally lost my ability to stay silent.  You see, it is sequestrations fault we didn’t have enough ‘investments’ in security.  This terrible event is just another example of why we need MORE government.  It is the fault of pro-lifers Gosnell murdered that woman and those babies.  It is OK for left wing news outlets to speculate ‘right wing’ elements are capable of such things.  Really? Because they believe in the Constitution and oppose Obama?  I am disgusted with the left.  Disgusted.  Shame on them


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