Liberal Hyprocisy in the Face of Pure Evil

The Gosnell story is VERY hard to read.  It is graphic.  It is tragic.  It will upset you.  It is also extremely important and should be a flash point in the pro-life debate.  That’s EXACTLY why the left wing media has refused to cover it.  It Gosnell had killed these new borns in a nursery with an AR-15, it would be 24/7 coverage.  Because these babies survived his first attempt to kill them in an abortion clinic – it gets ignored.  He killed babies that survived.  Infanticide.  He charged more for late term abortions.  His policy was the bigger the baby, the bigger the fee.  The story has been blacked-out by the left wing media.  The left loves to shout how they are protecting our children.  No they aren’t.  They are using our children as props in a debate they couldn’t win any other way.  In the meantime, pure evil has been killing kids for decades and no one seems to care.  It is shameful. 

The Gosnell case would seem to contain all the ingredients of must-see television: a formerly respected community leader accused of unspeakable acts; the death of a young immigrant woman; a parade of former employees offering graphic testimony on the gruesome deaths of more than 100 just-born infants; and even the implication by the doctor’s lawyers that the charges have been motivated by racism. Dr. Gosnell is black and his clinic was in a mostly minority neighborhood.



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