The Disasters Unleashed by Obama’s Reelection

I just bought this book after listening to an interview by the Author David Harsanyi.  He’s a pretty thoughtful even keel guy.  He’s just present the truth about the American landscape now.  And sadly… he makes a great case that it is now past the point of being fixable.

Change, of course, doesn’t always imply impending disaster. Americans seldom accept that terrible events can befall them. We have solid reasons not to. Truth is, I have always been somewhat of a utopian regarding our prospects. I operated under the rosy assumption that our free markets, individual liberty, technological superiority, astonishing wealth, and Constitutional protections (however eroded they may have become) would allow us to adapt to or over- come nearly anything—recessions; wars; terror attacks; demographic shifts; environmental disaster; and, the most treacherous of all threats, Washington. Regrettably, I underestimated Washington.

President Barack Obama didn’t invent the impending disasters America faces—not our debt problem, not our welfare state—but he did accelerate nearly every one of them. It’s not only that the president’s progressive politics have battered economic dynamism, ham- strung capitalism, and discredited the importance of meritocracy; it’s that, in the Obama era, the relationship between the average Ameri- can citizen and his government has been transformed forever into something unhealthy.

Anyone who stands in the way of Obama’s vacuous moral constructs is branded an obstructionist, unpatriotic, a hostage taker, “the enemy,” or worse. Those of us who refuse to buy into left-wing orthodoxy remain “uninformed” and, inevitably,“selfish,” a bunch of bigoted clods, intellectual buffoons, and moral cripples who got our deserved comeuppance in the 2012 election. If we continue to insist that partisanship is a healthy, organic reflection of differences in a vibrant society—Republicans, after all, still control the House—we can expect to be demonized as remnants of a brutal and obsolete age. Under Obama and his progressive successors, all must submit to the progressive agenda. You saw a bit of this after the election when liberal commentators kept crowing about how the Republican party is a rump party of elderly white males; either the party changes—by which the liberals mean, becomes more progressive—or they gleefully predict it will die.

If you happen to believe, as I do, that government should be strong, but limited, and that individual freedom is more vital than fairness—guess what? We’re screwed. And how.


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