Rand Paul – “Do we have a Bill of Rights?” Paul asked. ”Do we have a Constitution? And will we defend it?”

I have been very encouraged by what I have read coming out of CPAC this week (see an earlier post).  Below is the latest addition.  It truly makes you wonder “what if” the Republican Convention and Presidential campaign had sounded like this.  As the Tea Party notes, we WON in 2010 with this type of messaging.  LOST in 2008 and 2012 without it.

Exerpt and commentary from Paul’s CPAC Speech (emphasis mine)

“There can be no liberty if you combine the executive and the legislative branches.  Likewise, there can be no justice if you combine the executive and the judicial branch.  We separated arrest from accusation, and trial from verdict, for a reason.”

It’s interesting ground to begin Paul’s libertarian argument from, because in this case the “verdict” – the elimination of terrorists – is something a lot of people on both the Right and Left support, more or less reflexively.  But that’s a key element of his argument: the importance of restraining government power in the face of what appears to be popular consensus.  ”Do we have a Bill of Rights?” Paul asked.  ”Do we have a Constitution?  And will we defend it?”

The atrophy of government restraint in the face of popular demand has led us to a situation where “as government grows, liberty becomes marginalized.  The collective takes precedent over the individual.  Freedom shrinks.  And our government today is larger than it has ever been in our history.  Everything that America has been… everything we ever wished to be… is now threatened by the notion that you can have something for nothing.”

“For liberty to expand, government must shrink



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