Obama: We’re all going to have to sacrifice for the greater good – His good

Hello All. Apologies for my lengthy absence from posting. Work has been very busy. So, when I last left you I was ranting about how we have a spending problem. Obama and the GOP were arguing on how to cut the deficit with Obama claiming we need more taxes (he calls it revenue, how cute) and the GOP wanting expense cuts. We pick up our story… well, in the exact same place.

Obama golfs while Rome burns

Feeling guilty about spending a golfing weekend with Butch Harmon and Tiger Woods in Florida? Don’t, send your wife and kids to Colorado on an all expenses paid by the tax payer vacation. Problem solved. In the meantime, our windbag  in chief is telling us we need to send him more money for ‘investments’. Also, remember when he scolded Congress for not doing it’s homework on time? How he his kids always finished theirs early, well…

Obama came back from his weekend golfing with his buddy Tiger Woods to complain yesterday that Congress hasn’t done its job. But what about Obama doing his job? He was required by law to produce this year’s budget proposal weeks ago. Where is it? Ya think he could have stayed home last weekend and made sure his work was done?

But Obama showed up yesterday complaining about what others haven’t done, saying we were facing that awful sequester because “Unfortunately, Congress didn’t compromise. They haven’t come together and done their jobs, and so as a consequence, we’ve got these automatic, brutal spending cuts that are poised to happen next Friday.”

The Republicans, however, have done their job. The House passed a bill designating $1.2 trillion in rationalized cuts over 10 years to replace the more arbitrary sequester cuts weeks ago. If President Obama and the Democrats disagreed with the Republican cuts, it was their job to pass what they wanted instead through the Senate. Then the two bills would have gone to a Conference Committee, which would have ironed out a compromise between the two bills.

But we got no action at all from the Democrats. Just as the Senate has not produced a budget in several years, it didn’t act on the Republican House bill on the sequester at all. That reflected the failure of leadership by President Obama, who did nothing to specify his own proposals, and push them through the Democrat majority Senate.

So, he has a lot of time to play golf and lecture me, you and Congress. Certainly the stimulus has led to rapid GPD growth and unemployment under 6%…

It is not hard to see why Barack Obama is rather camera shy over his latest golfing outing, this time with sports superstar Tiger Woods. The optics certainly don’t look good for a president who has in the past called on Americans to make sacrifices, while blatantly refusing to do so himself. It’s certainly not an image the president wants to project to the 12.3 million Americans who are out of work, or the millions more who are also seeking full-time employment. Nor does it suggest he is serious about reining in the $16.5 trillion of debt his government owes, $6 trillion of which wasracked up in his first term of office. Flying Air Force One to Florida at a cost of about $180,000 per hour hardly sends the right message to US taxpayers, who have just seen their payroll taxes go up. This is the latest demonstration of an overwhelming culture of impunity in a celebrity-obsessed Obama White House, frequently coupled with a disturbing lack of transparency that would be roundly condemned by the likes of The New York Times, NBC, or CBS if a Republican were in office. It is also a presidency that is rife with hypocrisy, as Obama’s words in Virginia in April 2011 perfectly convey:

We are going to have to ask everybody to sacrifice. And if we’re asking community colleges to sacrifice, if we’re asking people who are going to see potentially fewer services in their neighborhoods to make a little sacrifice, then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice.

Their Hypocrisy knows no bounds…

So Obama surrounded himself with Police, Fire and Rescue workers yesterday to tell the American people that the Sequestration is not fair, will crater the economy and put all these fine people out of work and by extension, you at risk. Really? Then why did you propose it Barry? This was your idea. And could you sound more like a 6 year old on the playground? I would love to know how many times this so called leader has uttered the phrase “Fairness”. Lifes not fair Barry. If it were, you wouldn’t be President. Anyway, my point here is – If he really is so worried about $85B a year (on a $3.6T budget) and is so focused on having people who can afford to pay more pay more, maybe he should you know, require his democratic donors actually pay corporate tax? 

First, a hysterical piece from a left wing blogger…

Mark Zuckerberg gets a lot of sh*t, perhaps deservedly so, for being all sorts of unseemly things — shady idea thief chief among them. But it’s sort of refreshing to know that he, like Warren Buffett and a host of other extremely wealthy people, feels that those who have should be paying more in personal income taxes than they’re presently paying in a time where the country is deeply in debt.

In fact, Zuck says he’s “cool” with it. For that, I personally consider him much more of a patriot than the people who love calling themselves patriots — those who endlessly bloviate about how their love for America is greater than everyone else’s, but then run around whining about having to make the financial contributions they’re asked to make to keep the machine running.

Read more: http://www.uproxx.com/news/2011/04/mark-zuckerberg-cool-with-paying-more-taxes/#ixzz2LRvOq1tS

He is a Patriot!  A Patriot! 
Well, that isn’t how I define Patriotism, but I am willing to allow this evidence into court.  May I cross examine? 
Next year Mark Zuckerberg’s base salary will receive a dramatic pay cut — going from a base salary of $600,000 to just one dollar.  Which raises the question: Will he ever pay taxes again?  Zuckerberg’s salary cut is being compared to similar moves by other tech titans. Google’s Eric Schmidt and Larry Page are paid just $1 annual salaries. Steve Jobs took just $1 in salary from 1997 until his death last year.   Other members of the one-percent/one-dollar club include Oracle’s Larry Ellison and Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman. <INFO_TABLE itxtNodeId=”79″ itxtHarvested=”0″>
Wait, it gets better…

Even though Facebook (FB) reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations in 2012, it will probably pay zero federal and state taxes—and even receive a federal tax refund of about $429 million—according to a Feb. 14 statement from Citizens for Tax Justice.


You Honor – I submit they are all traitors.  Hypocrites and liars. 

Folks, you’re being played.  Plain and simple by a ruling elite that wants to impose one set of rules on you while they live by another.  This isn’t about taxes.  It is about your personal liberty.  It is about the America we will leave for our children.  Obama’s marxist version?  Or the one our Founding Fathers – TRUE PATRIOTS – fought and died for.





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