The Marxist regime that our government has become…

I have never thrown the term “Marxist” around loosely but the proof is there if you open your eyes.  The “Marxist” transition is exactly what we are going through.  Not sure if there are enough Patriots left to fight this battle… everyone who loves this country is going to be demonized by those who hate it.

Read this great article and substitute the name “Democrat Party”.  You will see without question that this is exactly what we are living.  Quiet Tyranny is taking hold.  Sad.

[B]The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 1: Demonizing the Non-Compliant[/B]

Thus, the government’s propagandistic narrative would establish the illusion of a society divided into three major classes: the ruling government class, endowed with benevolent powers to guide or punish; the majority class of hapless losers, whose survival depended on the government’s largesse and protection; and an unquantifiable class of demonized mysterious enemies of the government and, by extension, of the people, who would be the perceived culprits of all failures, hardships, and misery of the little guys’ everyday existence.  The majority class would itself be divided into an assortment of narrow-interest groups, held together only by the glue of government’s redistributive, pacifying and equalizing powers, as well as by their shared hostility towards the designated “enemies.”

[B]The prevailing feelings in such a society would be the collectivist fervor, envy of individual achievers, fear of chaos in the absence of the government’s protection, hatred of anti-government elements, and hope for a better future once all the hidden enemies are unveiled and eliminated.[/B]  In the end, the self-preservation of modern-day totalitarianism is ensured, not so much by the secret police with its army of snitches and brutal enforcers, as by modern technologies of psychological manipulation through the media, education, and entertainment.

[B]Statists, of course, would like to have everything shared — except their power.  In free democracies they always demand their share of political power — and always get what they want.  However, once they are in power, they keep it to themselves and demonize the opposition.[/B]  The Marxist ideal of Communism is an altruistic collectivist society of the future, in which there will be no need for government, family, or private property.  Freed from capitalist exploitation, people are expected to unleash their full potential and create unprecedented material abundance.  The selfish notion of the pursuit of individual happiness will wither away.  There will be no money, no greed, no deprivation, and, therefore, no crime.  However, since a society can’t directly leap from capitalism into communism, Marx reasoned that a dictatorial socialist state would be a necessary transition in order to develop the required material base, [B]help to spread the revolution around the world, and to condition the people’s minds by uprooting greed and selfishness (or to eliminate those individuals who can’t be conditioned).[/B]

A disparaging verse at the bottom describes who the enemies are:

The wealthy landowner
The kulak (a pejorative term for a wealthy farmer who “exploits” hired labor)
The drunk
The clergy (a Russian Orthodox Priest)
The bourgeois press (a non-compliant, independent journalist)
The capitalist (a banker, industrialist, merchant)
The Menshevik (a political opponent from a different communist faction)
The surviving remnants of the pre-revolutionary law enforcement and the military

Note this Lenin quote on another dehumanizing poster: “The kulaks are the most bestial, brutal and savage exploiters, who in the history of other countries have time and again restored the power of the landlords, tsars, priests and capitalists.” (Full quote in Russian)  [B]The demonization of the kulaks laid the groundwork for their subsequent annihilation. [/B]  Other non-compliant citizens were dealt with in a similar fashion.


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