The Last Neal Boortz Show

A wonderful insensitive conservative mind.  The leader of the Church of the Painful Truth.  His last show is today then Herman Cain will be doing the show.  Neal will be missed.

To be honest .. the final retirement decision wasn’t made until last November 7th.  When I saw that the voters in this country had reelected this unqualified disaster to rule (his words) over our Republic for four more years, I knew that was it for me.  Obama is a destroyer.  A sneering, menacing, arrogant destroyer – and I’m not going to let him destroy the rest of my life.  I simply an NOT going to be one of his “tax the rich” victims.

The solution is simple.

Stop earning.

Minimal income, minimal income taxes.  Live off your investments.  I’m ready.  From my standpoint, Dear Ruler, your tax increase reduced revenues.  It certainly didn’t increase them.  I have many personal friends who are in exactly the same boat and have made the same decision.  I don’t belong to Obama, and I’m not going to work 50% of every working day for him.  I’ve escaped — as of noon today.

First of all, I’ll be doing daily two-minute commentaries for WSB.  They will run at 8:45 am and 6:45 pm, and I promise the same dose of insensitivity in those commentaries as I’ve been delivering in my show for these many years.  Those commentaries, by the way, will be available to affiliate radio stations if they should want them.

Secondly .. There’s Twitter.  Twitter will now become the main platform for my interaction with my former listeners.  That’s the best place for us to keeping touch.  You can follow me at @talkmaster.  I promise you’ll enjoy it.

Nealz Nuze? Yes … we’ll be keeping that up.  I will constantly be posting material.  Whenever I get ticked off at something, you can bet that I’ll sit down at the computer and put my feelings on “paper.”

Columns?  Yes … I’ll be writing for  Be sure to check in there.  I’ll Tweet the link every time something appears.

Fill-in?  You got it!  I will be Herman Cain’s regular fill-in host.  Sean Hannity has said that I’ll have the opportunity to fill in for him as well.  There are others, but best not to name them now.

I’m joining the folks at to start promoting the FairTax again.  Keep your eye on Twitter and Nealz Nuze to see what’s going on.

So .. there you go.  I’m hardly disappearing.  I’m just clearing out much more extra time for me and The Queen.


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