GOP needs to own the narrative. Stop playing by Obama’s rules – Newt tells them how…

Newt has his warts.  No doubt, but he is a top political strategist.   He also understands how Government works and how to use that to your advantage.   He offers some good advice in the attached.  I’m not sure I agree with him on his debt ceiling observation – no way I just sign that blank check but I do like how he is looking at these as connected and not stand alone events.  One of the greatest divide and conquers Obama has done has been getting Boehner into one off negotiations.   What I really like is how Newt wants the GOP to re-take control of the narrative – STOP LETTING OBAMA SET THE AGENDA.    I also really like his focus on the continuing resolution.  That has been ignored for too long.  The continuing resolution funds the government based on the 2009 budget!  Get them to pass a budget.  An example of Newts approach:

Without realizing it the president just outlined the winning strategy for Republicans.  (Obama) suggested that the time for Congress to draw the line on spending is before they “rack up the bills” — to paraphrase the president.   If Republicans fall for the debt ceiling trap they will once again be isolated in  a corner, identified as negative extremists, and ultimately forced to back down with maximum internal conflict and bitterness among conservatives and Republicans. 

However, they have two wonderful, clear, and far better fights available in the Continuing Resolution and the Sequester bill.  Both involve spending.  Both allow Republicans to quote President Obama’s Saturday radio talk over and over and over again.  The time to shrink future debt ceilings is by cutting spending now.

Summary and link to full article below:

Watching the news media this weekend start the process of setting up Republicans for another losing fight has been depressing.

Congressional Republicans seem to be moving toward three decisions that are profoundly wrong.

Just listening this weekend some Republican leaders seem to be saying:

1. They will fight over the debt ceiling;

2. They are urging President Barack Obama to lead;

3. They have come out of one failed cycle of secret negotiations with the White House and seem eager to start right back in on a new cycle of negotiations.

All three are demonstrably wrong.

1. The debt ceiling is a terrible place to fight when there is a Sequester bill and a Continuing Resolution available.

2. I do not want President Obama to lead. No conservative wants President Obama to lead. He is an ultra-liberal who really believes in the power of big government. Why would any Republican ask him to lead? I want the House Republicans to lead. Conservatives want the House Republicans to lead. Furthermore, Republicans should quit going on television and asking President Obama to be “reasonable.” The president will concede to Republicans exactly what they coerce him into giving and not one inch more.

3. Negotiations are the weakest of the five legislative branch tools. Appropriations, legislation, oversight, and communications are all tools which should be used to set up a framework for successful negotiations.  Negotiating with a president without using the first four tools is an invitation to defeat.


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