From the Horse’s Ass’s Mouth: Obama Tells Boehner “We Don’t Have a Spending Problem”… but he needs to lift a $16.4T debt ceiling

Well, we have our answer ladies and gentlemen.  During the ‘fiscal cliff negotiations’ Obama told Boehner what he really thought about speding – “We don’t have a spending problem”.  When pressed by the speaker that the issue was of course spending, Obama retorted – “I’m getting tired of hearing you say that.”   The entire conversation is being reported in today’s WSJ.   One of the other gems from the ‘negotiations’:

Mr. Boehner confirms that at one critical juncture he asked Mr. Obama, after conceding on $800 billion in new taxes, “What am I getting?” and the president replied: “You don’t get anything for it. I’m taking that anyway.”

The article is titled “The Education of John Boehner”.  It talks about how he learned to not negotiate one on one with the President and that the President is an ideologue.  Wow John, insightful.  Here is what I take from that conversation.

  1. The Democrats only talk about the debt as a means to an end for tax increases.  No other reason.  They don’t see it as a problem.  They see it as an opportunity
  2. The Democrats are NOT talking about how to grow the economy.  No where in this conversation is any mention of pro growth economic policies.  They don’t care about making the pie bigger – they simply want to redistribute the existing share. 
  3. According to Democrats, the only thing we can’t afford is letting you keep your money.  NO SPENDING ever has a price tag that is unaffordable.  Only tax cuts or lack of tax increases.

The only problem the President sees with Federal Spending is that we aren’t doing enough of it.  If there were any honest reporters left in the lamestream, one of them might actually ask – If we don’t have a spending problem, why did you request over $1T in new taxes?  What do we need that money for?

Get it now.   The problem isn’t spending, the problem is they are letting you keep too much of your money.


Obama, Pelosi and Reid are already in the press demanding $1-$2T in NEW TAXES in exchange for raising our debt limit.  Pelosi and Reid are telling the President to IGNORE the constitution and raise the debt limit himself.   They aren’t even worried that is illegal.  Seriously.  We blew through $6T in four years and they want us to hand over more of our money to fund their spending spree.  This is pure redistribution of wealth.  This is the Marxist ruling class reallocating resources for the proletariat.  It is an assault on the American economy and your personal liberties.

Folks, they can’t get that kind of money going after the top 1%.  They soaked the ‘middle class’ in the fiscal cliff deal and they are already back for more.  I can’t get over how Pelosi and Reid are on the Sunday talk shows advocating for trillions in new taxes and for the President to bypass the law.  These weren’t sound bites someone got on youtube – these were prepared statements.  They are actually positioning tax increases as the moral high ground.  It is the ultimate con job – we want taxes to go up on the rich but guess what, everyone gets hit.  Again.  When will America wake up and hold these people accountable?

Prior to the “fiscal cliff” our national debt was projected to be $20T by 2022.  After the deal it is projected to be $24T.  The deal increased our debt burden. 

  • Taxes are not Revenue – they are forcibly confiscated funds
  • Letting you KEEP YOUR money is not a cost. 
  • SPENDING your money is a COST.
  • BORROWING, paying interest and spending our children’s money is Generational Theft

The GOP needs to change the dialogue and get this conversation back on point quickly.  At least one Senator is off to a good start.  Our newly elected Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz is already cutting through the lies:

Let me be clear, I do not support default on the debt and we should never default on the debt and the only players who are threatening to default are President Obama and Harry Reid. This is an issue, and earlier in the show you played the President threatening default. In any given month tax revenue are 200 billion and interest is 30 or 40 billion. There is it plenty of revenue to service the debt and any responsible President would’ve stood at that podium and said ‘whatever happens with the debt ceiling, we will always pay our debt. We’ll never default on the debt’ and the reason the President isn’t doing that is he’s trying to scare people and raise the spector of financial apocalypse.”



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