Shut your pie hole Chris

You know, I am so done.  How could Christie, the day after $650+B of tax increases plus $330B of new spending, obamacare ‘fixes’, hollywood tax breaks and more, blast the GOP for not spending enough money?   Hugging Obama the week before the election wasn’t enough Chris?  Today he is blasting his fellow GOP for not spending MORE wasted money?  Look, I get the region needs relief money.   It’s an insult the relief bill is actually for $60B, $40B of which is pork for Democrats.  What I don’t understand is how with a $3.8T budget, the federal government needs to vote to borrow MORE money to fund $20B in relief.   I don’t understand why some of the newly approved $330B of spending or $650B of new ”revenue’ can’t be redirected.  I don’t understand why Christie isn’t blasting Democrats for pouring $40B of PORK into a RELIEF BILL.  He should be BLASTING the Democrats for taking advantage of the situation and force them to submit a new bill without the ear marks.

This nation has truly lost its collective mind.  There is no sense of proportion anymore.   A year ago, I would have quit my job to work for a Ryan / Christie Presidential ticket.  Today, I wouldn’t even vote for them.


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