Et tu Paul Ryan?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Going off the cliff would have cut spending and raised taxes on everyone.  Maybe then we could have had a real tax fairness and economic impact debate.  Maybe then the looter class would understand elections have consequences and bills come due.   Even signing Obama’s original under $250K extension would have at least NOT extended unemployment or raised spending.  Plus, it would have extended the Bush Tax Cuts instead of making them the Obama tax cuts.

The deal they GOP actually signed is a joke.  So much so, while they were signing it, Obama was on TV mocking them for signing it AND telling them he would be back for MORE TAX INCREASES now that they have shown a willingness to raise taxes.

To recap: By waiting until Jan 1, they are now the Obama tax cuts.  NO spending cuts were included.  In fact, $330B of new spending was added.  The GOP bailed Obama out with a $30B gift to help fix the Medicare doc issue.  They gave Hollywood and Wind Farms tax breaks in the process as well.  Seriously, this deal is beyond bad.  The tax increases are doing NOTHING to reduce the debt – they will simply fund government expansion.

If you are thinking you personally dodged a bullet b/c the tax increases occur above your income level – well then you’re a hypocrite.  Those who will be taxed are either small businesses or individuals already taxed at punitive rates.  What “right” does the majority have to confiscate personal property.  It could have very easily have been yours.  It will be soon.

If you’re a democrat – Congratulations.  You have taken a huge step towards fundamentally transforming this country.  Your Marxist agenda is going to swamp our economy in 2013.  Obamacare for everyone.  Occupy Wall Street.  Soak the Rich.  It will work as well as France and Greece you morons.

If you’re a Republican that supported this deal – You’re on notice.  I have already informed both my state senators I am shopping for new candidates this primary season.  This is nothing short of a betrayal.  This was a manufactured crisis.  Manufactured by Obama and a moronic GOP.  Why the hell is the Speaker negotiating in secret with the President?  LEGISLATE ON CSPAN YOU DIP SHIT.  Let Congress work the way it was intended to.  Unreal.

I am exhausted.  I have spent countless hours consuming political news over the past year and only one thing is clear to me – the current leadership does not have the will to change.  We continue to rob from our children to borrow and spend money on crap today.  Government for the sake of Government.  Creating one giant dependent class.  It disgusts me.  We should be embarrassed.



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