The “right” to healthcare does not require……a doctor to work for free…

As I’ve stated before after reading this abomination… it is all demand side based.  AS IS THE LIBERAL MIND.  There is no concept as to the immense problems this abomination will create on the supply side of healthcare.  They don’t have a clue.  Universal Coverage doesn’t mean Universal Treatment.  The liberals and democrats know this.  The ignorant voter does not.

Entitlement ALWAYS breed contempt for those that provide the entitlement.  Simple human nature my liberal friends.


Whenever someone tells me about the “right” to healthcare, I ask, “From whom? From me?” This question exposes this “right” for the robbery and slavery that it is. Take it to the next step. Do you really want to exercise your “right” to healthcare on a physician who doesn’t want any part of this bargain? What kind of care do you think you’ll receive?

Years ago, I stopped doing cardiac anesthesia, because well over half of the patients were ’covered’ by Medicare and payment to me for my services was well below what I thought acceptable ($285 for my last 6-hour cardiac anesthetic). Soon thereafter I stopped my dealings with Medicare (and Medicaid) altogether as I increasingly saw myself as the recipient of money taken from my neighbors against their will. As an aside, the angriest patients I’ve ever encountered were the Medicare patients I subsequently treated with no charge whatsoever. My providing charitable care elicited patient rage like none I’ve encountered since.  ( again…Entitlement ALWAYS breed contempt for those that provide the entitlement)

About two weeks after I quit, an angry cardiac surgeon, inconvenienced by my departure from the group of available cardiac anesthesiologists and with his finger in my face, told me that he was going to see to it that I was forced to do these anesthetics, so as not to disrupt his schedule. I guess he thought he had a “right” to my services.  It didn’t help things that I laughed. I said, ’Dr. X, I’ll be happy to visit with the family before their loved one’s elective surgery and inform them that I want no part of this and that I don’t really want to be here, but someone is making me do this. Maybe you all would like to wait for an anesthesiologist who wants to be part of this, because I certainly don’t.’  This cardiac surgeon suddenly understood. Now imagine this on a large scale. Angry mobs of folks waving their ObamaCare ’insurance’ cards in the street demanding their free healthcare outside a closed and vacant doctor’s office.

That is what Obamacare is: an insurance card. Come 2014, you’ll have to certify to the IRS that you have such a card, one that is acceptable to the government. Or else you’ll have to pay the government for the ’choice’ to not have insurance: a minimum of $95 at first, climbing to $695 in a few years.  It is likely that the provider will not be a physician. The physician you might eventually see will not be working for you. He’ll be working for an ObamaCare Accountable Care Organization, which is paid for not providing care.


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